We provide all the equipment necessary to go trolling, popping, jigging or live baiting. However if you are more comfortable using your own equipment please feel free to bring it along.

Recommended popping set ups include PE10/12 popping rods paired with a 18000/20000 size reel, a 7'6'' length rod for extreme fishing power, 100-120lb braid as main line. Futhermore, we need a 150lb leader tied with an FG knot the last 20cm of which should be twisted and crimped, 220lb terminal tackle, 100-200 gram poppers , stick baits, Owner 4/0 and 5/0 ST-76 hooks or similar, but the barbs must be crushed. The brighter lures do very well on the reefs, and natural colors work better in deeper water.

For jigging a smaller rod in the 5-6ft range, rated of about 400grams is required. This is paired with a 14000/18000 size reel and 65-80lb braid. A 3-5 meter fluorocarbon leader has to be tied with an FG knot coupled with 150lb terminal tackle, jigs in the 150-300 gram range, 300lb Kevlar assist cord and an Owner SJ-46 11/0 assist hook or a similar hook. Adding a small Muppet to the hook has been proven to be a very effective method. Not only will you get more hits, but it also protects paint on the jig from the hook slapping against it.